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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Consumer recognizes and admits these terms and conditions and assisting Pace Courier Service along with all of its affiliated organizations (hereinafter referred to as "Pace Courier Service") from any liabilities, duties, claims, actions, suits, etc. upon any destruction, loss or expense sustained in connection with the services hereunder and also agreeing that Pace Courier Service will only be responsible for the carriage of parcel which is the only purpose and duty of Pace Courier Service.

Pace Courier Service Consignment Note:

The Consignment Note of Pace Courier Service (from now on referred to as "CN") is non-negotiable, and the Merchant/Sender/Customer confirms that it has been provided by the Merchant/Sender/Customer or by Pace Courier Service team on behalf of the Merchant/Sender/Customer. The Merchant/Sender/Customer approves that all the data provided to Pace Courier Service while booking the shipment is flawless and correct, including Shippers and Consignee details, goods value declaration, etc. The Shipper warrants that it is the proprietor of the parcel, or that it is the accredited agent of the owner of the goods. In case of any wrong data or information in the CN, the Shipper/Sender/Client accepts that Pace Courier Service will be excused from any liability or obligation on lose, destruction or expense sustained by the Shipper/Sender/Client.

No Variation:

These terms and circumstances apply to all courier, logistics, and all other services presented by Pace Courier Service to the Shipper/Sender/Client hereunder. No employee, franchisee, the agent of Pace Courier Service or anyone else has any right to modify any of these terms and circumstances or make any agreement on behalf of Pace Courier Service which is in interest to or in conflict with these Terms and Conditions.

Right of Inspection of Shipment:

Pace Courier Service has the freedom, but not the responsibility, to examine any shipment including without limitation opening the load if required by law and regulations. In this regard, the Shipper/Sender/Client agrees that Pace Courier Service may open and inspect a shipment for any reason at any time as per its discretion. In that event Pace Courier Service will exercise all the reasonable care, but it shall not be liable for any damage to the shipment or any delay of the delivery or post arising as a result of any such examination.


The Shipper/Sender/Client agrees that in case of any damage or loss to the shipment or any part thereof, the maximum liability of Pace Courier Service to pay any compensation for damage or loss or failure to deliver the consignment shall be limited.